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this game is pretty much indefinitely on hold so i can focus on other thing and i probably wont finish it, so im listing it as "canceled". it's controls are based on Vlambeer's Luftrausers and it was going to be a level based nes style game, kinda like contra or ninja gaiden.

the controls are:
  • space to shoot
  • up to accelerate
  • left and right to turn
  • and "page up" or "home" to give yourself 1 or 10 lives respectively

flying into walls at specific angles will make the player teleport to a parallel wall, and if there is no parallel wall it freezes the game! i thought i fixed it but then i changed things and it came back!

also the name literally means nothing.

Install instructions

it's just an exe file so your browser might think it's a virus.


11 40 beta.exe 1 MB

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